Atlantic Tatou: Maximum energy efficiency



#1. Make use of Eco mode

If you haven’t found it already, make sure you have your heater set to Eco mode. Check out our short video: Setting Eco Mode on the Atlantic Tatou Radiator here, or watch below.

We recommend that you use this mode when you will be absent for 2 to 24 hours (e.g in offices or living areas, with an ECO mode temperature of 12 degrees), or during the night, especially in bedrooms (with an ECO mode temperature of around 16 degrees).

When activated, it will recognise when there is no one in the room, or when you head to bed, the heater will automatically detect you’ve left (or are cozy sleeping) and turn itself down.

The maximum temperature is 19°C in Eco mode.           

To activate Eco Mode, press the scroll key (E) several times until the selection arrow sits above Eco mode.

In the Product manual instructions for the Atlantic Tatou range it states "The advised Eco temperature is -3.5°C compared with the Comfort temperature (setting example above: 19°C in Comfort mode and 15.5°C in Eco mode). If the -3.5°C icon does not appear on the screen, this means that the difference compared with the set Comfort temperature is not 3.5°C." 

f you lower the Comfort temperature to below the Eco temperature, the Eco temperature lowers by -0.5°C compared with the Comfort mode. If, however, you increase the Comfort temperature, the Eco temperature does not change.

#2. Think about placement

If you're wall mounting your Atlantic Tatou heater (advised), make sure it is on an external wall facing towards where the main living happens in the room. This will mean heat is directed away from external wall and windows. You want the heat to travel through the room towards the core of the home or office. Likewise, if you are using the castor wheels, find a good wall to position the heater against.

Make sure that you position the Tatou heater in a space that will direct the heat towards the occupants in the room. Don’t position a couch or other furniture in front of the heater as this will make its radiant heat less effective.

To get the most of the warmth you will want a line of sight to the heater. You will still feel the warmth in other areas, but you'll be missing the bulk of it if it’s tucked behind furniture.


#3. Activate the sensors        

The Atlantic Tatou heaters are fitted with a detection system, with a sensor located on the front of the device.

Make sure the motion sensors (indicated by the A on the control panel image in #2 above) and draught sensors (B) are switched on.

If you have a particularly draughty house or the heater is near a source of draughts (when the windows are closed), we advise having the draught sensor switched off. The draught sensor is designed to turn the heater off if you throw open a window to ventilate. The heater will turn back on when the window is closed again.

If you enable the motion detection setting, when no motion is detected for over 30 minutes, the Tatou responds by turning itself down by 1 degree and then automatically resets when movement is detected. After a further 1.5 hours of no movement detection, the heater will turn down to your ‘Eco mode’ temperature. This can be set as low as 12℃

It also has a light sensor, so at lights out time the heater will turn itself down 2 degrees and resets when the lights go back on.                      


#4. Programming - next level:

While the Atlantic Tatou does offer three basic programming options, if you want the heater to run on a detailed schedule or on a ‘count down’ control we would advise purchasing an  

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 11.16.43 AM.png

This will enable you to control the heater over Wifi. It will also record the energy consumption. We have found these work really well with the Atlantic Tatou – and a bonus is you can throw the heater on before you head home at night!

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