Smart Heating: Five Benefits of the Atlantic Tatou


Here's our fave energy efficient heater - the Atlantic Tatou Radiator. Great for the office and home. These heaters provide a fast, comfortable heat with up to 45% energy saving compared to other electrical heaters.

Check out our top five reasons why we love this smart heater, including:

  • #1. Motion sensors to detect when you are not in the room. It turns down the temperature when vacant.

  • #2. An accurate digital thermostat - this only heats to the temperature you set. Without motion sensors activated, once a room comes to temperature, the Tatou heater cycles on and off to maintain the temperature, using less power to heat.

  • #3. Radiant heat. This heater uses a mix of radiant and convection heat to warm surfaces, and the air. So it heats you directly without wasting as much energy heating the air.

  • #4. Draught sensor. It knows when the pressure changes in the room when you open a window or door to ventilate and turns off if this feature is on.

  • #5. Auto programme. There are three programmes which allow you to schedule your heating, while Auto uses motion sensors to heat based on your pattern of use.


These heaters can also be wall mounted or placed on castor wheels, so are perfect for fixed-heating, or to move around your house or office to where the heat is needed.

Shop now for your Atlantic Tatou for a warmer, and more energy efficient winter!

We also offer bulk purchase prices for facilities and business. Please get in touch.


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