Energy and Sustainability Consulting

  • Energy efficiency project management

  • Design reviews for sustainability and resilience

  • Solar PV feasibility and system design

  • Building management system (BMS) reviews and fine tunes

  • Energy saving audits (simple and to the point)

  • Load management and demand response advice.

  • ESD design advice

  • Waste minimization strategies and support

E-Mobility Services and charge point infrastructure

  • Commercial EV charging infrastructure: planning and support

  • Networked charge stations

  • Billing platforms

  • Energy management and charge session data.

  • Grid smart technology

  • Hospitality, multi unit accommodation, and staff parking EV charge point services.

Products & support

  • Low carbon space and water heating

  • LED Lighting replacement projects

  • Solar PV installation and management

  • Water saving devices and products.

  • Buying groups to decrease the cost of sustainability

  • Residential heating and cooling.

  • EV Charge stations