Cloud based autonomous charge stations

You may be a parking operator looking to install EV charge stations, or a company simply wanting to offer charging facilities to staff or customers to support cleaner transport.

How do you do this fairly to other non-EV drivers?

How can you control power consumption, and bill users fairly for their EV charging?

Our Geeks can help get your site connected with Thundergrid

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Users find your location using Thundergrid

EV Drivers are often looking to choose a destination with electric vehicle charging facilities. This is so they can charge-up while they park, sleep, eat, or shop.

Our App offers them the ability to find a local charge station, activate it and pay for charging. The App can also show users what they can do in the area.

Funds collected through the app for powered parking are then passed over to the landlord or charge point owners nominated bank account

Features includes:

  • Charge point location and availability

  • Users top up their account to pay for powered parking

  • Charge point owners can offer deals or advertise through the app.

  • Your company logo displayed

  • 24hr automated access via RFID/APP

  • Charge station appears on multiple EV maps bringing a wider range of customers to site.

  • Tap and go activation and payment.

  • Charge and billing session data recorded.

  • Customers can report issues directly to Thundergrid

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Your charger, managed by the team

Thundergrid can work with your to set the parking rates and time you want your charging network accessible to the public.

Preferred users such as staff or prestige customers can have free access if requested.

Charging session data and energy reporting is available via the dashboard.

Funds collected for powered parking are passed to your nominated account.

The Thundergrid team manage the entire system and process for you. Including energy management to ensure your site never exceeds its power or wiring capacity.

Service features:

  • Revenue collection and bill processing

  • User account and access authorisation

  • Energy management and reporting

  • Compliance testing and certification of charge stations

  • Customer helpdesk ticket and tracking

  • Communication and network management

  • Remote resets and restarts of charge points.

  • Location and status management

  • Integration with existing credit card or payment terminals.

If you have a parking site, and are looking to become a leader by installing Electric Vehicle charging stations, please get in touch with an Eco Geek below to tell us about your ideas to see if we can help

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