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Electric vehicles (EVs) are set to be the new norm. In fact the International Energy Association expects up to 30% of all light vehicle fleets will be fully electric by 2030.

EVs that run on clean electricity (which NZ has plenty of) have almost zero carbon emissions, so you can expect to see more of them as rental and corporate fleets swap to lower carbon alternatives.

EVs need places to plug-in and recharge. This creates a great opportunity for tourism and retail to offer EV charging facilities as an incentive to stay, shop and explore while charging up the battery in the car…

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Special discount for HNZ members

Eco Geeks and Hospitality NZ have joined forces to help electrify New Zealand’s tourism and retail industries.

We believe in a cleaner future for all of us, see below for details.

Now guests and visitors can re-charge their EV at our site, they choose us everytime.

There are many benefits to offering EV charging facilities:

  • Put your business on the map so drivers know where you are, how to charge up, and what they can do while they wait.

  • Visibly support the uptake of clean technology.

  • Help others reduce their emissions to slow climate change.

  • Create a small revenue stream by using our automatic billing service. Drivers can pay for the power they use or simply pay per hour of parking.

  • Market your business on our smart touch screen chargers

  • Reward customers with coupons for free ‘power parking’

  • Switch your own cars to EVs and use cheap clean electricity as your fuel.

  • Help New Zealand to reduce its dependency on expensive imported fossil fuels.

  • Offer a value added convenience to guests and visitors

  • List your business as EV friendly on major sites like booking.com


If you’re interested in adding your business to the map as an EV friendly location, please get in touch below to receive our free specialist guide. An Eco Geek will get in touch to discuss your needs in more detail.

Also, if you’re a member of Hospitality New Zealand you will receive a trade discount on the cost of any EV charging equipment.

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