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Reduce running costs and transport emissions at the same time.

When is the right time to switch to electric? How can you get more from your current fleet?

Eco Geeks can help you find the answers..

Changing fleet vehicles to electric has many benefits to an organisation:

  • Reduced maintenance & servicing costs

  • Zero emissions and cleaner urban air

  • Fast, smooth, and fun to drive

  • Leadership opportunity and Improved brand image

  • Reduced user charges

  • Significant fuel savings

Introducing electric vehicles to your fleet can also have many internal barriers such as capital cost, confidence of residual value, and staff perception.

Eco Geeks can help you plan the integration of EVs into your vehicle fleet to overcome these obstacles, and help you become a noted leader in sustainable technology.

We offer a simple service to analyse your vehicle data to help you spot which existing vehicles are being under-utilised and which ones would be best ‘flipped’ to electric.

Our feasibility study process:

  1. We help set up existing vehicle tracking and logging where needed.

  2. We analyse capital and operational cost data.

  3. We model your trip data to understand how the fleet is being used.

  4. We target and identify cars to improve utilisation or vehicles that fit the profile of an EV.

  5. We provide a business case for the purchase or lease of EVs with targeted paybacks.

Then what happens?…

Once you have the business case and are willing to adopt EVs into your current fleet we can then assist to help you design and plan EV charging infrastructure within your facility or network.

Our aim is the future-proof your facility and ensure electrical capacity will not be exceeded as the scale of your EV fleet grows.

We can help you with software to monitor energy consumption and billing solutions through our e-mobility platform ‘Thundergrid’.

Our Eco Geeks can even suggest ideas to socialise staff with driving EV’s to overcome any barriers and fears.

If your wanting to get the most for your fleet or looking to add electric vehicles get in touch below for a friendly chat…

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We didn’t realize we could save $80,000pa by centralizing our vehicle fleet and switching key cars to electric.