Energy & Sustainability Consulting

Opportunity spotting

Not sure where you might be wasting energy or materials? Or how to follow through with a organizational commitment to sustainability? You may already have a good idea but just need some clarification?

Resource efficiency and sustainability can be a confusing area, especially when everything we do on a personal or business level has an impact to both the environment and social credibility. It’s hard to know where to start.

Our Eco Geeks are a trained to cast a birds eye view of your facility and operation. Our goal is to spot pockets of opportunities to reduce waste, improve efficiency and boost meaningful sustainability.

With a holistic lens (yes we said a hippy word) we gather opportunities and order them into an overall simple action plan that we prioritize together.

Once this high level review and plan is completed we can work with you to take the next steps to connect you to the solutions.

Energy Efficiency Project Management

When you just need someone to get it done

You may have some detailed energy audits and reports already complete but they remain unactioned and gather dust due to time constraints.

We’ve been there before and know the feeling, which is why we have put together a service to project manage the required solutions for you.

We can connect the relevant technical experts, gather quotes, and develop a business case to help you get approval for the solution. We can then fast track the solutions and get things done together.






Electric Vehicle Charging infrastructure

Planning, supply and ongoing management

Solar Design and Feasibility studies

You may be considering installing a solar PV array on the roof of your commercial or residential property. Generating local power onsite can often be a great idea.

Us Eco Geeks love solar. It’s simple, elegant, and a glorious way to produce energy right where you need it.

However solar may not always be the right choice for everyone. Factors such as tariff, shade, access, and equipment losses need to be considered when looking at the reality of a PV array.

Before laying down thousands of dollars why not get the design sensed checked to ensure it will deliver the energy needed and be financially viable.

Eco Geeks can create a solar simulation of your site to test the system performance factoring variables such as shading, equipment losses, local weather, and  energy tariffs to test the feasibility of the proposal.

We want solar to have a good reputation, so why not engage us for a low cost impartial feasibility study to see if it really is the right option.