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Our facility now saves over $97,000, and 640 tons of Co2-e every year since making the switch to modern energy efficient LED.

Improve lighting performance and unlock significant energy & maintenance savings

There’s never been a better time to make the move to upgrade lighting to more efficient LED alternatives.

Typical fluorescent lighting requires regular lamp replacements every 15,000hrs. LED alternatives now use 44% less energy and will run beyond 50,000hrs.

This results in huge cost savings from energy and greatly reduces maintenance call-outs from failed lamps.

Eco Geeks are experts in commercial lighting upgrades. We can survey your current lighting, design and advise alternatives, and illustrate savings and benefits for managerial consideration.

Our process:

1) A lighting survey is conducted to count, map and grade the condition of existing fittings in place.

2) Lighting designs are created and LEDs are specified that meet the needs of the facility and building code.

3) A business case is created to illustrate the costs, performance, savings and net benefits from upgrading to LED.

What happens next?

Should the financial and co-benefits be in favour of an LED upgrade, our Eco Geeks can help with the below services when your site is ready to progress:

  • Assisting in the development of RFP’s for larger scale installations.

  • Creating buying groups where viable to reduce capital costs.

  • Supply and install recommended options and help you track the energy savings post installation.

LED technology is often the fastest and simplest way to unlock significant cost savings and improve the operational performance of your facility.

If you are interested in upgrading your lighting to LED alternatives, get in touch with us below:

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This rough guide can help us identify what savings might be available to you.