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We are a low carbon solutions provider, focused on sustainability and action.


Imagine New Zealand being a world leader in sustainable technology for homes, facilities, agriculture, and transport.

We provide simple services and products to help our clients adopt cleaner, smarter technology to meet this vision.



We are creative, active thinkers with expertise in the following areas:

- Energy consultants: We’re not interested in being ‘just another energy consultant’ engaged to do just another job. We partner with our clients to provide practical step-by-step actions to deliver low carbon solutions and energy savings.

- Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure
Sourcing and project managing the supply and installation of simple low cost AC chargers across homes and businesses in NZ to support the uptake of battery powered vehicles.

- Energy efficient heating & cooling
Heating homes and facilities always uses the bulk of available energy and can contribute widely to the CO2 profile of the country. Improving heating and cooling systems is core to the expertise we provide.

- Peak Demand Management
Reducing energy demand during peak periods is one of our focus areas. We aim to help larger energy users reduce energy peak consumption and make cost savings, while smoothing the demand on the local grid – reducing the need for gas or coal generation. We work with building management systems to reduce demand from non-essential equipment. 

- Solar PV Design and Project Management
We take great pride in designing PV systems to meet the needs of clients. We factor in variables such as equipment, weather, tariffs and network fees to help customers decide if solar is an option for them.

- Energy Efficient Product Buying Groups
Choosing energy efficient alternatives can be hard for facility managers as capital costs can often be higher than other standard options. We drive down the costs of smarter tech by grouping buyers together to purchase products directly. Contact us to discuss your needs as we can match you with other clients to source bulk items such as LED lighting, EV Chargers, water and space heating technology.  

Solar PV design services




We are a low-carbon solutions provider, focused on sustainability and action

We want to save you energy, time, money, and get things done. To do this, we offer a mix of both commercial consulting and advice, plus a selection of energy saving products and tools that we firmly believe in.

We are eco geeks put on this world to help find solutions to environmental problems... 


We believe climate change is a major threat to humanity. From a business and individual perspective, energy costs continue to rise. There is growing pressure to reduce our emissions profiles and environmental footprints on a national, and global, level. New Zealand has commited to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. How are you, and your business, tracking to reach this goal?

The challenge might seem too big. But the costs – financial and environmental – are going to amplify the longer we wait. 

There is much to be done. We know it can be hard to find simple to digest information, from a source you can trust. Often you’ll get a great energy audit or report, and you’re left alone to find service providers and solutions. It’s hard to know where to focus your energy and dollars for maximum impact.

That's where we can help.



Jonny Parker
Chief Eco-Geek


Jonny has spent over 10 years working within the energy and sustainability industry. His multitude of roles across residential and commercial energy efficiency gives him a wide breadth of knowledge when it comes to delivering projects for our clients and understanding their needs.

Energy efficiency can be a complex topic, but Jonny has a natural ability to make it easy to understand. His focus is on providing actionable advice, creative solutions, and cost savings to help work towards a low-carbon future for New Zealand.

Jonny is next level geek. He’s passionate about electric vehicles, eco home builds and heating. He’s the kind of guy who has a permanent energy monitor in his house and knows exactly what his base load should be (250 watts if you wanted to know!).

View his LinkedIn profile for full work history and work examples.


Julia Capon
Chief Operations Do-er


Richie Forrest

Environmental Consultant

Richie Forrest NZ

Julia is a system, process and admin geek. She has spent over 15 years working within communications at various not-for-profits and social enterprises.

She’s worked on climate change projects in previous roles and was the National Co-ordinator of 350 Aotearoa. She is also the founder and all-rounder of Kiwi not-for-profit job board, Do Good Jobs.

She’s a huge eco warrior, constantly looking for ways to reduce her own carbon footprint. You can also geek out with Julia about business processes: Asana, Excel pivot tables, Zaps and more.

View her LinkedIn profile for her full work history.


Richie has been working in the environmental sector for over 10 years and has extensive experience with measurement, auditing and reporting systems.

He’s excited about New Zealand's potential to transition to a low carbon, zero waste economy and find working with businesses that are passionate about achieving meaningful change incredibly rewarding.

Richie has held a range of positions during his career. Working for private companies and government organisations with roles focused on all aspects of environmental management from ecological restoration through to waste minimisation and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Richie holds a Master's degree in Environmental Studies (2012) and live in Wellington City with his partner and three year old daughter

We have a group of other eco geeks on hand to help with your project too. Get in touch to discuss your needs and we can connect you to them.