Far-Infrared Energy Efficient Heating

Far-Infrared Energy Efficient Heating

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THC Series Professional Infared commercial heating

Ceiling or wall mounted digital radiant heater. This offers silent warmth for both indoor and outdoor large environments.

  • Its black body radiation makes it ideal for heating large open spaces efficiently without losing as much heat to the ceiling or outdoor air.

  • Projects gentle warm heat onto occupants below.

  • Digital thermostat ensures accurate temperature control localised to each heater.

  • Remote controlled

  • Ideal uses include for offices, domestic lounges, churches and halls

  • 230-240v with overheat safety protection

  • IPX4 Rated. (dust proof, water proof)

  • Mount on the wall or ceiling keeping the unit out of reach.

  • Elegant and well-engineered aluminium contemporary body

  • Optional wifi linking to control as central heating via tablet/smartphone

  • Ideal for heating homes or buildings with poor insulation levels or draughty conditions.

  • Heats occupants directly and efficiently using radiant heat (silent with no blown dry air).

  • Allows lower wattage to be used to heat buildings and homes.

  • Available in black on request

  • Plugs into standard power point (cheaper to install than a heat pump)

  • Ideal for rental properties where land lords want to provide efficient heat to occupants where a heat pump is impractical.

  • Gentle soft radiant heat cast from the wall or ceiling.

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