Delta Wall Box 25kw Rapid DC Charge Station

Delta Wall Box 25kw Rapid DC Charge Station


Perfect for sites looking to offer fast rapid charging facilities to the travelling public.

This unit is perfect for airports, hospitals, fuel stations and private fleet facilities looking to offer rapid charging speed without the heavy price tag or heavy power requirements of many other DC units on the market.

With its compact design this charge station can be wall mounted or installed on a pedestal.

The DC wall box can be connected to a dedicated 3 phase AC board making this unit ideal for 3 phase sites with finite levels of power capacity.

The wall box can be connected to a billing and energy metering platform via OCPP1.6. The unit can be Ethernet connected or come with 3G functionality.

Users can access the charge station using RFID cards or App control depending on how the unit is networked.

Fast DC power: this system delivers power via the thetheres CCS2 or CHAdeMO directly to the cars battery by inverting the AC power to DC within the wall box. This provides faster energy than the car charging from AC power.

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