INCH Home touch screen interactive charge station

INCH Home touch screen interactive charge station

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Up to 22kW of high speed charging power with advanced load control and monitoring system capabilities.

Solar ready to direct power to your EV when your solar array is producing more than the home needs

The INCH HOME EV charger is easily the smartest device in your home. It can predict your EV charging habits and help you charge the car by the time you need it, at the lowest possible cost.

When coupled with the Load Guard sensor, the charger can automatically adjust to work alongside other energy consuming equipment in the building – including any local power generation, such as rooftop solar panels.

With several connectivity options (including WiFi, Ethernet and PLC - power lines communications) and open protocol support, the charger can be seamlessly integrated into your smart home or facility.

Available in the below options:

  • Socket Type 2

  • Tethered Type 2 cable (4.5m) with magnetic holster

  • White or dark grey options

Note, these chargers are made to order in Europe. There is a 3- 5 week lead time.


Housing dimensions 45 x 27 x 13.5 cm

Material Aluminium housing, Polycarbonate Lexan cover plate

Colour options White, Graphite Grey

Maximum power 7.4 kW or 22 kW; 1 or 3 x 32 A

Charging options A type 2 socket, or charging cable with Type 2 connector and magnetic holder

Communication options Ethernet, Wi-Fi, PLC

Authorisation options PIN, app (QR code), SMS

Level of protection IP54, IK08

Embedded meter Class 2, with support for MID meter (Class 1)

Dynamic load balancing With Load Guard

OCPP compliant Yes

Web app available Yes

Connection type:
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EV home charging screen

Monitor & Control

Smart home integration and control

Maximise charging speed through live energy management and never exceed the home or local grids electrical capacity

Maximise charging speed through live energy management and never exceed the home or local grids electrical capacity


By connecting the Load Guard device to your home grid, you’ll enjoy the fastest possible charging speed and never blow the fuse in the process. The optional Load Guard monitors all connected loads to command the charge station modulates its charge to work within the available capacity.

Vandal proof EV Charge station

Designed to last..


Control your charger from your favourite browser. This browser gives you an in-depth insight into your charging experience. From here you can set your charging limits, observe charging sessions and schedule charging according to pricing tariffs and more.

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EV charger with solar

Solar Ready

Activate charging when excess solar is detected