INCH Pro public charge station

INCH Pro public charge station

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Up to 22kW of high speed charging power with advanced load control and network monitoring system capabilities.

The INCH PRO charger is perfect for public payment based charging. Perfectly design for staff, hospitality, or retail car park environments.

The touch screen interface allows users to unlock the charge station by the below methods:

Logo & Geo tagged advertising

Have the touch screen display your logo or small messages and adverts of what to do in the area. If connected to our cloud network you can enter ‘sites of interest’ around the charger to inform the driver of where they can eat, shop or drink within meters from the area. Drivers can find the charger using the app of their phone and explore while they charge up.

Pin code: Regular site users can unlock the charger by typing in their dedicated pin number on the touch screen.

RFID card: Network members with a key fob or card RFID can simply touch it on the unit to start the charge.

QR Code: The touch screen will display a generated QR code to which users can use with a mobile app to activate and pay for their charging using their dedicated account.

Fully scalable:

When coupled with the Load Guard sensor, the charger can automatically adjust to work alongside other energy consuming equipment in the building – including any local power generation, such as rooftop solar panels.

With several connectivity options (including WiFi, Ethernet and PLC - power lines communications) and open protocol support, the charger can be seamlessly integrated into your smart home or facility. So you can add more charge points without needing to perform expensive electrical upgrades.


The charge station will communicate with a bank of units to share the available energy and assign ‘charging priorities’ to users who need it most. You can cluster up to 15 units and they will share the communication channel from one master unit thus saving network and connectivity costs.

Tough and durable:

Vandal resistant aluminium and reinforced touch screen with dust and water proof housing to IP54 standard

User and charge session data:

Monitor charge session reports and bill users for the time or energy consumed. Pass payment to the site owner and share revenue.

Coupon codes:

Want to reward customers with a coupan code to redeem their charging or parking cost? This has the smarts to do it.

Available in the below options:

  • Socket Type 2

  • Tethered Type 2 cable (4.5m) with magnetic holster

  • White or grey options

  • RCD Type B internally installed

  • Internal revenue meter

Note, these chargers are made to order in Europe. There is a 8-12 week lead time depending on time of year.


Housing dimensions 45 x 27 x 13.5 cm

Material Aluminium housing, Polycarbonate Lexan cover plate

Colour options White, Graphite Grey

Maximum power 7.4 kW or 22 kW; 1 or 3 x 32 A

Charging options A type 2 socket, or charging cable with Type 2 connector and magnetic holder

Communication options Ethernet, GSM 3G, PLC

Authorisation options PIN, app (QR code), SMS

Level of protection IP54, IK08

Embedded meter Class 2, with support for MID meter (Class 1)

Dynamic load balancing With Load Guard

OCPP compliant 1.6

Web app available Yes

Tested in accordance with IEC standards

Connection type:
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Have your charge station inform your customers of what they can do in the area while they wait with geo tagged advertising and touch screen logo and messages.

Below is an example of the web app users can use to find, navigate and explore chargers in your area…

EV charge point advertising nz


INCH Home learns and predicts your departure time. Relax while automated cost-optimised charging takes place.


With shatterproof acrylic glass plate secured in a cast aluminum housing, your charger is prepared for even the toughest environments.

Machined aluminium casing makes the INCH a tough cookie.

Machined aluminium casing makes the INCH a tough cookie.


By connecting the Load Guard device to your home grid, you’ll enjoy the fastest possible charging speed and never blow the fuse in the process. The optional Load Guard monitors all connected loads to command the charge station modulates its charge to work within the available capacity.

Maximise charging speed through live energy management and never exceed the home or local grids electrical capacity

Maximise charging speed through live energy management and never exceed the home or local grids electrical capacity


Control your charger from your favourite browser. This browser gives you an in-depth insight into your charging experience. From here you can set your charging limits, observe charging sessions.

The cloud management portal allows collection of funds from users via the app or web interface. From here you can mange users, control and monitor charge stations and collect revenue. Talk to an Eco Geek for more information on your needs,

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