2kW Atlantic Tatou Radiant Wall Heater

2kW Atlantic Tatou Radiant Wall Heater

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The Atlantic Tatou Smart Control Digital Heater is our top home heating choice. Fast, comfortable heat with a 45% energy saving compared to other convector heaters.

The advanced large ‘black body’ plate element of this heater, in combination with the motion, light and draught sensors, produces energy efficiencies like no other heater.

This 2kW (2,000 watt) heater is suitable for a regular lounges or larger offices approximately 20-28m2See our 1kW and 1.5kW heaters for larger rooms.

Why we like this radiator:

  • Its smart features result in an average energy saving of 45% compared to other electrical convector heaters.

  • A motion sensor knows when you’re out and will turn down the heater.

  • The draught sensor knows when a door or window is open and lowers heating.

  • It is radiant heat (black body radiant), so it heats you directly without wasting as much energy heating the air. 

  • There are three modes: Basic, Program and Auto. Program allows you to schedule your heating, while Auto uses motion sensors to heat based on your pattern of use.

  • It is designed to pass heat at floor level making it ideal for rooms with tall ceilings.

  • The sensitive digital thermostat provides accurate temperature control. 

  • This radiator comes with a 7-year manufacturer repair warranty.

  • Cast heat at floor level where you need it most

  • It comes with a wall-mounted bracket, or can be placed on castor wheels (these can be purchased separately here).


The Atlantic Tatou Radiant Heater comes in three different sizes to suit different sized rooms.  This 2kW heater is 106cm long x 12cm wide x 47cm high. See our 1kW and 1.5kW heaters for variations.


Freight is calculated on checkout and is approximately $15.90 per heater. If you buy over three heaters at a time, freight is free when you use the code: FREEFREIGHT.

Need castor wheels? Don't forget to add them to your cart too (see the related product below)

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Sizing the correct heater for your room
The ultra efficient Tatou radiant heater requires only 80 watts per square meter of room area, not 100 watts as with other panel heaters. We recommend you measure the size of the room in m2 and multiply this by .8 to see what size heater best suits your space. This 2kW heater works best in rooms no larger than 28m2.

Running costs
Without the motion sensors activated - once a room comes to temperature, the Tatou heater cycles at approximately 50% of the time, therefore assuming electricity costs 25 cents per KWH:

  • 1kW heater costs 13 cents per hour to heat a room between 10-15m2

  • 1.5kW heaters costs 18 cents per hour to heat a room between 20-20m2

  • 2kW heater costs 25 cents per hours to heat a room between 20-28m2

With motion sensors activated, additional energy savings are possible.

Motion & Light sensors settings
When the motion sensors are set to active and detect movement or shadows in the room, the heater will switch to the Comfort temperature mode. When the room is unoccupied the sensor will switch the heater to Economy mode gradually over an 1 1⁄2 hour. The economy temperature can be adjusted from -3 to -9C lower than the Comfort temperature.

  • The Comfort temperature range when the room is occupied can be set anywhere between 12C to 28C. The default is 19C.

  • The Economy temperature, when the room is unoccupied, drops 3 to 9 degrees off the Comfort temperature. The default Comfort mode temperature drops 3.5C.

The motion sensor can be turned off with a simple press of a button. This may be the case when there is little movement such as when reading a book or watching TV.

The Tatou heater comes with three modes:

  • Mode 1: BASIC. Simply select the desired temperature, say, 20°C in Basic mode. The electronic thermostat will regulate the room temperature.

  • Mode 2: PROGRAM: An open program, 24/7, with up to three program settings per day. The heater will switch between Comfort and Economy modes. All sensors can be set to active or inactive.

  • Mode 3: AUTO. This heater has self learning software that utilises sensors to program the heater when the room is occupied and unoccupied. All sensors are active.

Draught sensor
If the draught sensor is turned on, and a cold draught is detected, the heater will turn to standby mode ( 7°C) and automatically return to heating when the temperature stabilises.

Heater dimensions
1kW 61.5cm length x 12cm wide x 47cm height

1.5kW 84cm length x 12cm wide x 47 cm height.

2kW 106cm length x 12cm x 47 cm height.

Tatou heaters are safe in bathrooms
The heaters are splash proof rated and double insulated making them suitable for use in bathrooms as long as controls cannot be reached when in the bath or shower.

Child safe
The Tatou meets Australian and New Zealand standards for child safety. The low surface temperature will not burn. The control cover and display screen can also be locked.

Asthma and allergy friendly
The large ‘black body’ plate element is anti dust treated and when vertically mounted it reduces dust build up.

Free standing 
An optional set of feet and castors are available for an additional $35. Otherwise, simply fit and lock to the wall with the supplied wall plate fitting.

Manufacturer warranty
Warranty is valid for seven years, either repair or replacement as determined by the manufacturer, Atlantic.