Solar PV: Design & Simulation

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Solar design and simulation: Know exactly what energy can be produced before you invest in your array.

We love solar. It’s clean, renewable, silent, requires minimal maintenance, and is long lasting.

There are many reasons to install solar PV on your site. However, we always advise a design simulation to ensure the business case stacks up.

Eco Geeks offer a desktop design simulation service to help you get the facts before investing in renewable energy. This way you can be 100% confident in the business case before you go solar.

How does the service work?

  1. You supply us with the site address, energy bills and any ‘time of use’ energy data if you have it.

  2. We design a PV array on your building and input equipment performance, together with real local weather data.

  3. We optimise the design to reduce shading and boost system performance.

  4. We create a simulation and report so you know what the system will produce and when.

  5. We offer the optional service to model the results of the simulation against your energy use in a financial business case to help you weigh up returns and values.

What then?

If your design and simulation shows there is a valid business benefit to install Solar PV, we can connect you with a SEANZ approved contractor to quote and build your array. We can even help project manage the installation and cover the whole process for you.

Tell us about your project. We cover anything from small houses to large commercial installations.

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16% of our sites energy now comes from our solar array.